Make the Right Go/No Go Decision in Seconds

Use the free 17-point Go/No Go tool to quickly and objectively determine:

  • How likely you are to win a project.
  • Whether the project will support current revenue goals.
  • The project’s potential impact on long-term revenue goals. 

It’s the perfect way to determine whether a project is worth the time, resources and effort the pursuit will take.

After all, the less time and attention you put on pointless pursuits, the more you can focus on the projects you really want.

  • The projects you have the best chance of winning…
  • The projects that bring you the most money…
  • The projects you can do better than any other firm…

In short, you can bid less and win more.

Empower your business development and marketing teams to do their best work, increase your firms hit rate, and avoid burning out employees who have a direct impact on your firm’s bottom line.

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