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A Complete Guide to Projects for Architecture & Engineering Firms

Everything you need to know about AE projects.


Optimize Your AE Project Lifecycle

This book will be your guide to best practices for architecture and engineering project success. It spells out in detail the nature of project-based work, the concept of resource management, and how organizations capture new business. This comprehensive eBook shows how enterprise resource planning (ERP) opens the door to insightful analytics that guide planning, execution, and financial managementall while capturing and winning new projects and gaining repeat work.

What's Inside:

  • Chapter 1: What Is a Project-Based ERP?
  • Chapter 2: Capturing & Winning Projects
  • Chapter 3: Business Intel
  • Chapter 4: Project Management 101
  • Chapter 5: Estimate, Budget, Forecast
  • Chapter 6: Executing Projects
  • Chapter 7: Financials

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