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Customer Newsletter | November 2018

Unanet 11.0 - Including a New UI!

 Unanet 11 Dashboard

Unanet is excited to announce that the next major software release, Unanet 11 will include an updated Graphical User Interface (GUI)! The key elements of the redesign include:

  • Increased text size and line spacing to improve readability
  • Addition of white space (margins, padding) to guide users toward relevant content
  • Simplified color scheme to allow user to focus on content rather than GUI
  • Flat, larger icons that better convey meaning and are easier to click

View this SlideShare presentation to learn more about the upcoming Unanet 11 release and get a sneak peek with some images from inside the release! And remember to update your internal training documentation with new screenshots once Unanet 11 is released!


November Fun Fact: 1988 - The Morris worm, the first internet-distributed computer worm to gain significant mainstream media attention, was launched from MIT. It was written by a student at Cornell University, Robert Tappan Morris. His intention was to gauge the 'size' of the internet.

Broaden Your Use of Unanet:

Attend an Upcoming Unanet University Class!

Unanet University Classes

Unanet University offers customers the ability to quickly and economically gain the technical knowledge and best practice methodology to optimize your Unanet system. Unanet University currently offers hands-on instructional learning during all-day courses in our Dulles, VA training facility, as well as virtual course offerings. We would love to have you join us at one of our upcoming Unanet University classes! 

Course Name Upcoming Sessions Location
Foundations of Time & Expense Administration

December 11, 2018

January 22, 2019

Unanet HQ
Dulles, VA
Billing, Invoicing, and Revenue Recognition December 12, 2018 Unanet HQ
Dulles, VA
Foundations of Reporting

December 13, 2018

January 23, 2019

Unanet HQ
Dulles, VA
Foundations of Cost, Revenue, and Profit Reporting January 24, 2019 Unanet HQ
Dulles, VA


  Join >2,000 Unanet Customers in the LinkedIn Unanet Users Group!

We have exceeded 2,000 Unanet users as we count down to the new year! Join your fellow customers in the LinkedIn Unanet Users Group where you can share best practices, ask questions, and receive innovative solutions. Additionally, Unanet employees share upcoming events, webinars, and fun facts!

Join the Group Today!


Learn more about Unanet Financials,
Budgeting & Planning, and Project Analytics 
at Our Lunch & Learns

Unanet is traveling around the country, spreading the word about Unanet Financials and additional Unanet capabilities! Register below, and feel free to invite colleagues from your company or other companies that will be interested in learning about Unanet!

  Location Venue Date Time
Register Now for this Lunch & Learn! Oak Ridge, TN

Calhoun's Oak Ridge

Tuesday, 12/4 11AM - 1:30PM
Register Now for this Lunch & Learn! Charleston, SC

Harbour Club

Friday, 12/7 11AM - 1:30PM

If you are interested in learning more about Unanet Financials, and are previously committed during the Lunch & Learns, the Customer Solutions team would be happy to schedule a personalized demonstration with you!

Contact to schedule one now!


Additional Product Offerings

Unanet is pleased to announce the following Additional Product offerings.

  • Automated Analyst (AA) – The AA tool offers a wealth of options to ensure data within Unanet remains consistent and adheres to your business practices. The current AA catalog includes 60 standard quality checkpoints, which can provide alerts of changes required or detect and systematically correct values based on your policies and procedures. This leads to more focus for managers on analysis and decision-making, which can have direct impacts on profitability.
  • PayrollConnect – Unanet offers several Cloud-based payroll integrations that import Person information from the payroll system on an automated, scheduled basis. This offering also includes on-demand exports of time and expense from Unanet to payroll, and on-demand Journal Entry imports from payroll to Unanet. PayrollConnect helps eliminate disparate solutions, deliver real-time data, and lower the cost and complexity of managing the workforce.
  • Hosted Credit Card Import – The Hosted Credit Card Import facilitates the automatic import of credit card files using our Hosted IMU. This offering is currently for American Express Corporate Card users with the KR-1025 file format. Possible future expansions will include other credit card companies and file formats.
  • Hosted IMU – The Hosted IMU allows you to schedule regular imports or exports on a platform maintained by Unanet, alleviating the need for manual effort or the IT capacity to maintain your own platform.

Please reach out to the Customer Solutions Team if you have any interest in these Product Offerings! Or simply email to request additional information.


Register Now for the 2019 Champions Conference!

Save the Date video Thumbnail

Unanet's Champions Conference is returning to San Diego for 2019! Join us for a day of Pre-Conference Training on May 15, followed by two days of customer insights, a look at the product's future, and presentations by Unanet experts on Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17, 2019!

Register Now to save your spot! 

Call for Speakers at the 2019 Champions Conference!

There is a limited number of customer speaker spots remaining for our May 2019 Champions Conference! The conference will be held May 16-17, 2019, in San Diego, CA. We would love to hear how Unanet has contributed to your success of your team, and/or your organization.

Do you have a great story to tell? We are interested in the following:

  • Your success stories – how Unanet has helped your business
  • Innovative ways you’re using Unanet
  • How you have adopted and integrated Unanet into your business

We are requesting presentations that are informative, interactive, and appropriate for training, leadership, and management personnel. 

Speaker benefits:

  • A chance to showcase your company
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Help grow the Unanet knowledgebase and community
  • Receive discount to the Champions Conference
  • Ability to mingle with Unanet’s Executive Leadership

To be considered as a speaker, please email Zoe Rann.

Knowledge Center Highlights

Additional Knowledge Center entries that we thought might interest you!

Quick Topic - People Planning Grid Templates

Quick Topic - Expense Planning Grid Templates

Webinar - Unanet CSM Webinar - Top Reports for Project & Contract Managers! Featuring Unanet's Project Control Panel - The One-Stop Shop

Quick Topic - Updating Per Diem Rates in Unanet

Quick Topic - Planning non-billable expenses on a Cost Plus contract

Quick Topic - Updating M&IE Breakdowns in Unanet

Quick Topic - Using Additional Pay Per Hour in a Pay Code  

If you would like to learn more about how to navigate the Knowledge Center, please view this entry!


Ask Support

Q: Can a locked/extracted expense report be corrected or unextracted?

A: A locked/extracted expense report cannot be edited.

Here is the Knowledge Center (KC) article that discusses all the options in detail:

To summarize, here are your options:

If you want to keep the approval history of the extracted voucher:

  • You'll need to keep the existing expense voucher as is
  • View the existing expense voucher and click on Copy To Report so you can use the copy to create a correcting voucher (the copied expense report will be created and in the status of In Use)
  • For your correcting expense report that was just copied, you can modify the Purpose section and reference the original expense voucher #
  • Delete any lines that were already correct, keeping only the line entries that need to be corrected
  • Take the positive for a line item on the copied expense export which needs to be corrected and make it a negative, leaving all other attributes the same (project type, payment method, etc.).  *PLEASE NOTE: for any line entries that need to be corrected and you used a wizard, you will have to create (or use) a new miscellaneous expense type (such as “Lodging correction”, etc.) for these negative entries *see section in above KC link titled “Importing against Expense Types that do not have wizards” for further details on creating a new expense type
  • For the items that need to be added to the voucher – create a positive expense amount for the new line items (this may or may not be the new correct amount for a negative correction you made in the prior step)

Result: You will now have two vouchers: the original incorrect voucher with the original approval history and voucher #, as well as the new correcting voucher with its own voucher number that will need to be submitted and go through approval process again.


If keeping the approval history from incorrect voucher is not needed and the expense voucher has not gone through a financials post yet:

You can delete the original voucher and create a new correct expense voucher (voucher #, approval history, and all line items will be irreversibly removed and disassociated from the original record in the system). 

  • Again, from the existing extracted expense voucher, click on Copy To Report so you can use the copy to create a new (correcting) voucher and be sure to copy the attachments to re-attach to this correcting expense report since you are deleting the original voucher and all of its content
  • You can delete locked/extracted vouchers via import by specifying "!DELETE!" in the delete column of an Expense file and specifying the appropriate Expense Voucher number (consult the Help Docs - Expense Import section and Excel Tips for finer technical points on creating your import file). You can get the file format by exporting the vouchers in question with an Expense export.
  1. Run the Expense Export for the voucher, and add a column called "exp_voucher" to the file.
  2. Specify the voucher # that you want to delete in the "exp_voucher" column (To find this voucher number, you can use the Expense Details Report's "Show Voucher Number" criteria option).
  3. Keep in mind that if you delete an expense voucher then ALL of the expenses associated with the voucher will also be deleted.
  4. Then on the Admin>Import>Expense screen choose "Allow deletion of LOCKED or EXTRACTED expense reports." Once you click "Import," it will delete the entire expense voucher associated with any rows for that expense voucher number that contain the "!DELETE!" command. Note that the entire expense voucher, its approval history, as well as any/all line items on it will be deleted.
  • Once the incorrect expense voucher has been deleted, you can go back to the copied expense voucher which when copied was created with the status In Use and make corrections to the existing lines as needed and attach the necessary backup/receipts. This newly created expense report will go through the approval process again once submitted.

Each month we will include a common or recent question asked of our Support Team and share the response with you! Please continue to reach out to our Support Team at 703-689-9709 or email


Upcoming Webinar:
Curious About How You Stack Up Against Your GovCon Peers?

2nd Annual Industry Roadmap of Benchmarks and Trends for Government Contractors

In helping government contractors plan and strategize for the upcoming fiscal year, CohnReznick and Unanet have once again partnered to conduct a government contracting industry benchmarking survey.

The results of this survey have been compiled into the 2018 GAUGE Report which focuses on five major areas of contracting:

  • Government Contract Compliance
  • Accounting
  • Utilization
  • Growth
  • Efficiencies

With more than 1,500 contributors this year, representing a wide array of government contractors of all sizes, the 2018 Report is intended to provide valuable insider information for all size contractors, this edition is especially focused on small contractors pursing prime contractor status. 

Join us for this webinar that will help you prep as you begin your annual forecasting and budgeting process. Additionally, we will discuss the following:

  • 7 Tips for Winning a Government Contract
  • How to Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy
  • How to Determine if Your Company is Ready for Prime Status

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

Join us on Tuesday, December 4 at 1:00pm ET to learn more!

Register Now!

Please follow this link to view all upcoming webinars. If you have some ideas for upcoming Customer Webinars, please submit your fantastic ideas to We are always looking for value-added topics to drive our customers' successes.

Please view previous webinars in the Knowledge Center under Unanet functional areas: Knowledge Center.


Latest Unanet Release & Updated Per Diem Files

The Latest Unanet Software Build is: 10.3.39. Date Released: 2018-10-26.

As a service to our customers, Unanet periodically converts the All History Data files from the DoD source into the Unanet Per Diem Import Format. You can convert the files yourself from your data source of choice, if you prefer. The most recent Unanet Support Site Per Diem file updated was: 10/30/2018.

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