Don’t Just Look at the Initial Cost of Your Project Based ERP Purchase…
Consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Unanet vs. Deltek!

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Comparing Unanet vs. Deltek Costpoint

When selecting an ERP System, organizations so often look at the initial costs without understanding what the system will cost to operate for the next 2, 3, 5 or 10 years. Below are three big mistakes to avoid to help you make the right decision upfront and for the future of your organization. 

1. Look beyond the cost of the initial software, implementation, ongoing support, and maintenance:

Look closely at the implementation cost in your proposal. If the price is too good to believe, it most likely is!

Examine the resources to manage the business with the software. Will it increase or decrease your G&A?
(Click here to download the GovCon Software TCO Comparison).

Take a look under the covers at the software. Is it hard to use? Is it really integrated? Are all the databases the same? How easy is reporting?

Customers of Unanet have realized the following benefits:

  • Increased project profitability
  • Improved employee utilization
  • Reduced overhead and administrative costs
  • Faster and more accurate invoicing, leading to improved DSO 


2. Take a hard look at the vendor you are selecting. Make sure it is a real partner that has the interest of your business in mind and truly will help improve business outcomes.

You will find so many cost improvements with Unanet Financials:

  • Eliminating side subledgers on Excel spreadsheets
  • Providing real time data across the organization
  • Ensuring one source of truth for all project and financial data
  • Reducing the indirect costs by fewer people needed to operate the ERP (50% less)
  • Enabling time for analysis and forecasting instead of working on transactions


3. Talk to others in the government contracting industry who have experience with both Unanet and Costpoint. Consider questions like the following:

  • How many people do you need to run your Costpoint system?
  • Did you have to staff up to manage the system conversion and ongoing maintenance?
  • Do your users need to learn separate multiple modules, tools, and reporting engines to see the information critical to managing their day to day?
  • Was the implementation on budget and on time?
  • Are you happy with the decision to migrate to Costpoint?