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Unanet & Support for SF1408

Unanet can help you meet SF1408 requirements and survive that accounting system audit. This white paper explains how in detail.

What is DCAA Looking for in the Accounting System Audit?  

Unanet Support for the Requirements Identified by the DCAA SF1408 PreAward Survey of Prospective Contractor Accounting System Section II of Standard Form 1408 (SF1408) is an evaluation checklist used by DCAA Auditors as part of a Preaward Survey to determine if a prospective contractor’s accounting system is acceptable for award of a contract.

This document highlights how Unanet software supports the requirements identified in SF1408. Please note that almost all of the questions actually pertain to how the prospective contractor is actually using their accounting system. While Unanet is designed and can be used to meet all of these requirements, the accounting system itself cannot be deemed acceptable.

 Unanet Supports DCAA Compliance

The accounting, timekeeping, and expense solution you purchase will have a bearing on your success in overall compliance today and in the future. Unanet’s integrated and real-time, project-based ERP system gives you the opportunity to meet CAS and FAR requirements in conjunction with your policies, procedures, practices, and qualified personnel.

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Requirements of DCAA as outlined in the SF1408