Managing A Digital Agency Through Growth - A CFO's Perspective

On this On Demand Webinar, Bruce Posner, Chief Financial Officer with Isobar, a leading digital consultancy, will describe the growth and evolution of Isobar over more than a decade, and the key management metrics and processes they have adopted to manage Isobar efficiently.

Over the course of Isobar’s growth, Bruce has developed, and applied, many ideas on managing professional services firms, including the importance of understanding utilization, project margin and client profitability, and areas to target for improvement. Today Isobar has approximately 500 staff, with a small finance and administration team of only 6 people.

The On Demand Webinar will be hosted by Chris Craig, President and COO with Unanet. Isobar has used Unanet for more than a decade to manage projects, people and financials.