Indirect Rates – What Strategy is
Right For Your Organization?

The webinar will cover: 

Managing Projects with Ever Changing Rates:
Government Contractors struggle to forecast the impact costs will have when you bid a multi-year project. We will discuss how to carefully manage the ebbs and flows of the costs in the organization and stay vigilant and be ready for unexpected expenses during the execution of your project.

What should be included in the Fringe pool?
FAR 31.205-6(m) outlines what should be in a fringe pool. The question is should you have a separate fringe and overhead pool or just put fringe in overhead? In the session we will discuss the pros and cons of each methodology. What are the effects of rates on winning new business and executing projects?

Have you selected the right General and Administrative (G&A) base for your company?
You may be struggling with how to pick the right G&A base for your organization or considering making a change. The discussion will be around the finer points of Total Cost Base, Value Added Base and Single Element Base. You will learn about the components of G&A and the base, the rules and where to locate them, and the pros and cons of base selection. In addition, topics related to the FAR, CAS, and DCAA will be discussed.

Other Topics:
Other discussion topics will be Actual vs Provisional vs Target/Planning rates, calculating rates from GL budgets, and even for an organization with no cost plus work, why they should look at using indirect rates to understand profitability on T&M and FP projects.