2023 GAUGE Report

Lead by Forecasting

Read the seventh annual GAUGE Report to gain valuable insights into the latest best practices and trends for the GovCon industry - with a focus on how better forecasting can transform your business.


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Forecasting your future

The findings from this year’s edition demonstrate how forecasting excellence directly impacts your bottom line and serves as a roadmap for government contractors seeking to enhance operational efficiency, resource utilization, and overall growth.

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There is growing optimism within the GovCon community.

A remarkable 72% of respondents expressed optimism about the GovCon business environment, reflecting a notable increase compared to last year. An encouraging 70% of firms reported experiencing growth.
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Identifying new revenue sources is a key business driver.

Though the current climate seems favorable, the issue of identifying new revenue streams remains the biggest financial challenge for government contractors. The GAUGE Report provides actionable insights to help address this critical issue.
Say the biggest financial
challenge is identifying
new revenue sources
Rank Resource Management
#1 or #2 most significant
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Revolutionizing resource management and forecasting are major value-adds for growing companies.

Organizations looking to level up their resource management and forecasting prowess will discover how improvements in these areas can enhance operational efficiency, facilitate informed decision-making, and drive the achievement of strategic goals.
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The emergence of the Project Management Office (PMO) as a critical tool for effectiveness and efficiency.

The GAUGE Report reveals that a centralized PMO model is now widely adopted by organizations, enabling effective project management and maximizing operational efficiency.
Moving to
centralized PMO