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2017 GAUGE Report: Benchmarking for GovCons

Government Contract Compliance, Accounting, Utilization, Growth, and Efficiencies

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Learn about Government Contractor Trends

This year has been a great year for Government Contractors, and the future looks bright! CohnReznick and Unanet partnered to conduct a government contracting industry benchmarking survey to help Government Contractors plan and strategize for their futures. The resultant benchmarking study is known as the GAUGE Report. The report covers five major categories: Government Contract Compliance, Accounting, Utilization, Growth, and Efficiencies (GAUGE).

Hear from industry experts in the report and read more about what they are predicting in each of these 5 areas for 2018 and 2019. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • G  What type of DCAA audits should you be expecting in the future?
  • A  What should you be expending in multiple categories as a % of revenue?
  • U  How many FTEs do you have in each of your departments?
  • G – What is your win rate and are you bidding on the right projects?
  • E – Are your overhead, G&A and fringe rates competitive?

This report represents information from a variety of contractors to define the state of the industry. Our intent is to provide a financial measurement tool for the GovCon ecosystem.

Instead of a crystal ball try the GAUGE to measure yourself against your peers.

See How Your Organization Stacks Up